An incredibly large worker bee, who somehow found herself incarnated in the Nexus. Ain't that a kicker.

Somehow, she's capable of functioning without a queen or hive structure. Entirely non-violent, she roams the biodome administrating affectionate hugs and trying to make things a bit brighter.

This is literal, as she somehow possesses the training of a professional lineman. It's probably best not to think too heavily about that.

  • Cannot talk; uses affectionate gestures to communicate.

  • You best bee-lieve there are puns in your future. I'm sorry.

  • Very expressive antennae; very soft fluff. Gives powerful hugs.

  • Not violent, but her disapproval fills you with shame, and that's somehow worse than violence.

  • Like all insects, alignment-locked to goodness. What? That's ridiculous?

  • Wrong.

  • Likes; Warm brandy, sweet things, hugs, helping others, and the works of Tynyanov.

  • Dislikes; Cruelty, bitter things, gunfire, bees as portrayed in popular culture.

Some un-bee-arably good tunes;

Somehow, in the creation of the newest Breath, a marionette was given a gruesome facsimile of life. Far from the weirdest thing that's happened throughout the nexus, this goes mostly uncared for by those who fight for their reasons and causes.

For the doll, however...

Try to imagine; being perfectly unaware, jolting awake to realise you are damaged and flawed, useless even in your designated purpose. Filled with an undying rage at itself, the universe, and everything around it, the puppet is determined to kill, and kill, and kill, and kill until it becomes powerful enough to destroy the universe itself.

In the end, however, it's just a doll. It will go unmourned, and unremembered.

  • Desperately looking for the legendary cryopreserved voicebox of the famous mobster Maxwell 'Mugsy' Malenkov, so that it can properly taunt it's victims.

  • Easily incensed; just try comparing it to An______ or C____y.

  • Made of porcelain, there are tonnes of cracks in it. Occasionally, ghastly red light leaks out. (It's probably fine.)

  • Sometimes, can be surprisingly nice.

  • Prone to introspection. It's a doll, however, so naturally any thoughts it has aren't worth too much.

  • Since it has a dainty little face, it's looking for ways to change facial expressions...

  • Likes; Violence, shanties, entities that can beat it in a fight, finding spare parts. Also, collector doll magazines.

  • Dislikes; Losing (at first), human-like things moving their mouth-meat, being short, flamethrower recoil. Also, being interrupted staring at collector doll magazines.

Music to contemplate eternity to;

If the Nexus is a cosmic game between uncaring powers, Grace Community Church surely had days where it was filled with people; their loves and losses, their hopes and pains, the good they did and the evil they wrought.

Now, it's just another empty battleground.

Sister Francesca claims she's a surviving member of the denominations that shared the space - and that it's supposed to be safe, for all and any who might seek shelter.

Given that she's a gangly, freckly woman whose habit has no wimple and lets her hair hang free, and she claims to have been a bunnygirl because 'that was popular and listening to confessions didn't keep the lights on,' some have raised some doubts.

Of course, there's no god to hear them; only the unreachable and unknowable hearts of the Elder Powers, always present, always listening.

  • A fairly simple woman. Respects simple courtesy, and likes people who remember that this used to be a nice neighbourhood.

  • ... Probably.

  • Which denomination? Ah, heh, hrmn... Cordilleran Orthodox.

  • Actually does know - and collect! - religious texts. She'll be the first to admit she's fallible, but she enjoys discussing religion (and philosophy), and is quite open-minded. Prides herself on being a good listener...

  • For a nun/bunnygirl.

  • Can field-strip quite a few firearms, but dislikes them.

  • Handy with bladed weapons, but dislikes them.

  • Plays a pretty mean bass guitar.

  • Extremely shady.

  • But if you're nice, she'll make you a coffee or two. She's not the best at it, but she likes seeing people smile - whatever form they've found themselves in.

  • ... Just a little melancholic.

  • Likes; Music, coffee, sleep. Comparative Theology. Gardening.

  • Dislikes; Nothing. Everything.

Songs for sinners, of who there are none;

I go by littleglassflowers over at nexusclash.

I'm not very interesting.

And if I was, I'd have no reason to talk about it.

Sorry, I don't like social media. I'm probably older than you, too. But if you see me in game or on the forums, I'll gladly say hello; naturally, the actions of my characters are just that, and I think you're just ducky.

I'm not a bee, a doll, or a bunnygirl nun.

... Probably.

Are you still here?

Well, take care out there.

The world is a very exhausting place; do good, be kind, and try to get some sleep from time to time.

Delenda est discorda.